Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Spring is right around the corner

Can you feel it?

I bought daffodils last week and I was so happy that I did a little dance.  Seriously.  Is there anything I love more than Springtime flowers?  The blousy roses that bloom in Sunnyside during the summer are plain lovely, but nothing get my heart going pitter-patter like daffodils.  
The first sight of them at bodegas and in the tiny gardens in my neighborhood mean one thing, and one thing only:  Spring is coming.  You can feel it, that slight shift in temperature where 40 degrees suddenly feels warm and not cold.  Where the wind seems balmy and chilling.  Spring is coming.  It's daffodils first and then tulips and sweet, sweet hyacinth and then it's official.  Spring is in the air! 

The above photo was taken from bed with my iPhone.  Lord those flowers made me so happy all week! 

This is a better representation of my bedroom:

The moody gray walls and the mint-iness of the bedside table are all pretty accurate.  (The glass lamps are impossible to keep free of dust.  I look at it every night when I go to sleep.  "Goodnight dust!")

Oh dear.  So do you have any Springtime plans?  I for one cannot wait to start going on bike rides again.  Also on my list is a visit to The Cloisters, which is heavenly when the trees start to bloom and The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens for the Cherry Blossom Festival!

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