Sunday, July 27, 2008


Oh, hi. You're still here? Thanks for hanging in there.

There have been a lot of changes chez Needleworks in the last month: I've moved to NJ (suddenly), a very long (10 year) relationship ended, and my life, in general is in a state of upheaval.

I'm trudging along, but there's not much crafting being done in these parts. All of my things are in boxes, which makes it difficult. I'm not quite ready to unearth everything yet.

I am doing quite a bit of knitting on my (2 hours each way) commute, so I'll have something to share very quickly.

Be patient with me while I figure things out. I'm still trying to decide how this blog will be a part of my new life. It seems so ingrained in the old one in so many ways, that I was tempted to stop it all together. A part of me, though, really wants to keep it.

So, here we are.

Stay tuned.