Sunday, November 26, 2006

blogger angst

felted bag series
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I've read countless other blog entries like the one I'm about to write. From bloggers who are tired of blogging, struggling with blogging. I mean, honestly, isn't this something I chose to do because it was fun? Do I now feel obligated? Not really obligated, but a little tired.

Oh, I've been busy, that's for sure. Look at the bags I've knit - all waiting to be felted. And I've been doing a lot of pattern-writing and picture-taking for the store, but I don't really want to share those pictures here at Needleworks, Inc. (You can go see them at the store if you like, in the form of many house patterns.) So it's not as though I've become less productive, just less enthusiatic about sharing every last detail of what I do.

I mean, really. Who cares what I thought about the new James Bod film? (It was awesome.) Or what I ate for breakfast? (Left over cranberry apple crumble with vanilla ice cream. Yes, ice cream for breakfast.) Am I breaking any amazing crafting ground by sharing that with you? How much does my opinion really matter?

Not to get all Angry Blogger on you - I'm not. I'm just saying, I can't share just for sharing's sake. I wish I could share with you something that I'm really excited about (a new knitting venture), but it's kind of top secret. Now that's no fun, is it?

Then there's all the gift knitting I'm doing - I can't share that. Not that my 19 year old brother reads my blog, but I'm a big believer in the idea that presents should be surprises. Ok?

So I miss being out there in the blogisphere. Maybe I should find other things to share. I'll figure it out eventually, I'm sure. See you soon.

Monday, November 06, 2006

who blogs about knitting anymore?

thrifted fabric
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Not me. Nope.

I found this fabric at an amazing thrift store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on North 6th Street. It's about 1.5 yards of fabric. I'm considering making it into a series of bags for the craft fair I have coming up in Decemeber.

I've been knitting and re-knitting the same sample for the store for the last week. I am very bored with it. I'm also completely bored with the Mystery Sweater. Yawn.

(Oh and at this same thrift store, Mater P found a mint condition Burberry trench coat for $75. I mean, I'm still reeling at the luck he had. It's never been worn - there are still replacement buttons in the pocket - and it had a button-in wool lining. For $75! We looked it up online and a new one costs about $1,500. You do the math. Sheesh. What luck!)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

I have a genius cat.

I do.

I heard a bunch of noise last night. The typical rumblings and stumblings of our cats in the night when they're feeling frisky. I usually try to ignore it unless they've gotten ahold of a stray bottle cap or something and they noise is so annoying I'm forced to get up and scold them and take away said bottle cap.

Last night I was trying to igore the kitty noises when I bolted upright in bed. The tv was on. Monk had turned on the tv and was sitting on the couch - I swear - watching Cartoon Network.

Crazy cat.