Saturday, March 05, 2011

In which I take the 7 train to the end of the line

My friend Little Bunny has been raving about the food court at the Flushing Mall for-ever.  I mean forever.  To the point that I was really skeptical.  I mean, how good can it really be.  Really?

Well, circumstances collided a couple of weeks ago and Jeffery Tastes was sponsoring a trip out to the mall.  I asked Little Bunny and her bf if they were interested in going with me and their answer was a resounding, "Yes!"  (Again, too much enthusiasm?  Maybe.)

We arrived at the mall and saw the group forming for Jeffery's event, but decided to just go it alone, rather than joining in.  The Grazing Experience seemed like a lovely idea, but as Little Bunny put it, "I don't really like to share."  After our first plate of noodles, I knew what she was talking about.

Since they were old pros and it was my first time, I let them be my guide.  There are nearly an overwhelming amount of choices and it can be a little intimidating because not  much is really in English.  But if you are adventurous and courageous, you will have an amazing time.

We ate hand pulled noodles with spicy beef from this place, the weird gelatinous turtle pictured above, the biggest seafood scallion pancake I've ever seen, pork, seafood and scallion dumplings, Chinese lamb "hamburgers", green tea ice cream and fresh mango juice.  All that (which we did share) and I think my wallet was only $10 lighter at the end of the day.

Go hungry and go soon.  According to this article in the WSJ, the mall is being demolished in 2012.  And, yes, it really is that good.


CityMinx said...

um, a little more info on the gelatinous turtle thing? And, I've really been wanting to go there! Let me know if you'd like to make a repeat trip

Rebecca said...

It was really hard to describe, Jill. It was like a tough jello-like substance (We were trying to share it, but couldn't cut it with a fork and just had to take bites out of it) and it was filled with black bean paste, which I love!

Veronique said...

My niece and her father went! They are pictured on this blog:
I am dying to go now...

Jess said...

we'll have to go back for round 2 soon!