Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Leaf count: 58 (64, with these guys here).

There's still time to contribute! Take your leaves to The Point before October 1st!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I am knitting and soliciting knit/crochet leaves for an installation I'm creating for The Point for October. I'm going to created a tree with knit/crochet leaves in their window.

I'm making as many as I possibly can and I have everyone at the store working, too. But, with a project like this, more is always better. My favorite part of the whole endeavour is having many different people contribute. It speaks to the sense of community that knitting seems to foster and which we strive for at The Point.

Anyone who would like to contribute can knit from one of the patterns linked below and drop the leaf(ves) off at The Point. If you're not local, put them in the mail! Our deadline is Octber 1st!!

merino stripes leaf pullover

a tree undone

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Yes, I really have been doing activities other than eating at lots of great NYC restaurants (and sometimes on the street) and sleeping in other people's apartments.

No, really, I have! Here's the evidence!

This is a "I moved home with my parents and need something to keep me busy" project. It's a very simple quilt that I started in the beginning of July and I that is very nearly complete. The patchwork topper was done this past Monday. I'm going to make some binding tape, or whatever you call it, this weekend and hopefully have a new quilt by the time the cool weather sets it!

I'm *SO* excited! The quilt is another personal goal that I set for myself. I think I started collecting fabric for it almost 2 years ago, but was unsure of how to proceed and a little scared. Now here I am, nearly finished!

Oh, I also have my Olympian Sweater, a.k.a. The Owl Cardi, which is also very nearly finished (I just need a zipper!), but at work*, cause that's where I've been working on it. Pictures soon!

*Yes, I knit at work. I have the best job!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

My month of crashing at various pads around NYC ended with an action packed Labor Day weekend. Courtesy of CityMinx, who was kind enough to go away for an entire week and let me feed her cat.

Here's a recap*:

Rooftop at The Met - Jeff Koons exhibit.

A multi-ethnic eating tour of the LES, organized by Big Onion. Definitely check them out.

Lunch at Bread, with Sandy.

A view from the lower end of 5th Aveue. I was really sad for it to end!!

*Not pictured, but equally fun: dinner and a movie with The Rainbow Gentleman, lunch at Cafe Gitane with Jess, dinner at Village Yokocho.
(Phew! That's a lotta links!)