Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I'll leave you with this cozy image of dear Monk snuggling on the couch. He's never really this calm and sweet. Well, he can be sweet, but mostly he's a trouble-maker.

I finally got pillows to stuff the cases I bought a while back. And you'll remember the black and orange one is from my grandmother. I really am pleased with them. (Note: if you live in NYC, Economy Foam is the coolest. You can get every kind of pillow there.)

So, I'm off to Miami for 5 days. This blog will be quiet during that time, but when I get back, I'll have so much to share with you: a finished sweater, a few new projects and pictures from my trip!


Veronique said...

Have a great vacation!

lomester said...

Have fun in miami!

Karen said...

Have a great vacation!

(I'm dropping by you know where to pick up you know what tomorrow....I'm excited!)

Macoco said...

I hoe you have a great time! Those pillows are amazing.