Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I sure am making some headway on my list! Can you believe it? I've had a huge surge of productivity these last weeks.

I made this bias tape using one of those handy dodads. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? For someone who dislikes finishing, custom bias tape is a Godsend.

This is a detail of the totes I made. I love how all the stripes are going in different direction.

This tote is going with me to Miami in two days! Master P and I are jetting off to South Beach for five days of sun and relaxation. It will be a nice change from the gloomy weather we're getting here in NYC.


Sarah / Blue Garter said...

What a great beach tote! And that means you're down to the list item I've been most waiting for - the owl cardi. (I have a thing for owls.) Have a wonderful and relaxing trip!

Karen said...

I love the green & white stripes! Great doodad! I'll have to get myself one!