Saturday, June 02, 2007

I can't believe how incredibly whiny that last post was! Someone should have taken me firmly by the shoulders and shook some sense into me! My life is often punctuated by days where I feel "less than". It's just who I am. I'm an Eeyore, where some people are a Pooh. So, I accept this in my adult years. Whatever.

On to bigger and brighter things!

  • I'm cutting out the pattern for my dress today. A very, very wise person told me that I should set small goals for myself so that I don't feel overwhelmed. So instead of thinking, "Oh man, I'll never get that dress made!" I think, "Today I will cut out the pattern."
  • I finished work early yesterday and went to the green market. You know it's Summertime when Needleworks, Inc. starts obsessing about fresh produce and begins posting about food more than crafting. (Though, is cooking a type of "craft"? Discuss amongst yourselves.) These radishes will be part of a salad with cucumbers. Served along with cold asparagus soup and poached salmon with yogurt sauce. Yum!
  • I made a Crafting To Do List. Because I love lists and because it somehow helps me get things done. Go figure.
  • I'm obsessed with this, this and this!


Veronique said...

I think we all feel a little down some days... Seriously, who can be "on" all the time?
I also took it slow with the Simplicity dress that I made. It took me one evening to cut the paper pattern, one evening to cut the fabric, and about 2 evenings to sew/rip/re-sew the dress. All in all, that's just 4 evenings! That's not so bad.
Love the yellow espadrilles!

Macoco said...

Oh yes I love the Moleskine products and really want a planner too!