Friday, June 08, 2007

My dears, I have so much to share with you and, at the same time, nothing to share. How's that?

I had a online shopping fit a little while ago and have been waiting (not so) patiently for orders to arrive. Everyday I run home, (OK, I'm not exactly running after 14 hours of work) to see if the lovely packages have arrived. Every day, for nearly two weeks, I was disappointed.

Finally, yesterday, three (yes, three!) things that I was waiting for, finally appeared! But I have not had time to take pictures (and one you don't really want a picture of) but I could wait to share with you!

#1: Much awaited check from freelancing job! Whew. Why is always such a relief when that money rolls in, even though you know it's on its way?

#2: Apparently, the only style t-shirt from American Apparel that they do not sell in the stores that are on every stree corner in NYC.

#3: Something amazing from The Black Apple.

More details and sharing this weekend. When I have time to breathe.

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CityMinx said...

yay! you got your artwork!

now, have you seen the sheep teatowels she has up?