Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sometimes I get upset, thinking I'm a poor blogger. Like, my heart (or head) really isn't in it.

Sometimes I wish I could get in the right frame of mind to share more of my life with you because my favorite blogs are the ones where I experience a whole submersion into someone else's little world.

Take last night's dinner, for example.

Last night was a lovely night and one that lent some insight into The Works. We cooked a dinner full of amazing spring/early summer ingredients for our two friends.

Here's what you would have seen, had I taken pictures:

Bruschetta with honey butter, basil, prosciutto and grilled apricots

Bulgar wheat with peas, shallots and fennel fronds

Grilled hanger steak and mache and fennel salad

Strawberry granita with marscapone cheese

So, I don't have any pictures to share of the meal - only the aftermath. (No, we definitely do not have a problem going to bed without washing the dishes.) Let me tell you, I could have made a meal out of the first and last items alone. Luckily, there is some granita left over. And marscapone cheese, too. Today's breakfast was a little leftover marscapone and two random grilled apricots on an english muffin. I also firmly believe that leftovers are often the best part of a meal.

So, my little blogger heart is content. I've shared a little bit of my life with you. Now, off to work, and possibly, more inspiration!


Macoco said...

That sounds like such a delicious meal - I agree that leftovers are fabulous. :)

CityMinx said...

omg, that sounds amazing. if i do the dishes will you cook for me?