Thursday, May 17, 2007

Harrumph. Ugh. I haven't been posting at all! I have a big reveal for you all, but it's only one suede elbow patch away from being complete and I can't photograph it yet. It's cool, though. I'm really proud of it.

I've been working on that Blue Heron jacket that's over on my side bar. I'm kind of excited by the way all the little progress bars are getting all filled up! I love that! I did start a new sweater (on a desperate, last minute train ride to Queens this week. "Go to Queens?! With out any knitting?!!") that's not up there yet. So, I guess I'm kind of back where I started, progress wise.

Instead of showing you any knitting, I'm showing you the fabric I chose for my Simplicity dress. So there. I hope that buys me a couple of more days.

At the moment, I am preparing for my day of, what Master P and my friend, Maria, like to call, The Regimen. They've been on The Regimen since the beginning of May. It sounds very mysterious, but what it is, essentially, is running in the park and various, assorted calisthenics. Wish me luck!

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Macoco said...

I can't wait for your big reveal. Especially since you're so proud of it - and it has suede elbow patches!!!