Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weekend Escape

Whew!  What a weekend, right guys?  I was a pretty un-happy camper most of the time, content to hide in the bedroom (where it's easier to cool down), eat breakfast and bed, and read slightly trashy books.  
I couldn't hide away the whole weekend, though, and so when I did venture outside, it was all about escaping the city.

We didn't have to go to far on Saturday afternoon.  We waited until about 3pm and then took the Q39 bus to Rockaway beach.  It's only an hour ride from Sunnyside, but you feel worlds away.  The above picture was taken at Rippers, on the boardwalk, where my friend asked me, "Where are we?"  It certainly didn't feel like New York City.

A few hours later we walked over to the Rockaway Beach Surf Club (where there's a constant reminder where you are) to watch the New York City premier of Here & Now.  On the way home, we dozed on the bus  and walked home in the middle of a tremendous downpour! 

Sunday, we still had designs on leaving the city, even if only in the planning stages.  We visited a few big Outdoor Gear stores and actually bought a tent!  We hope to escape later in the month to the Great Outdoors.

While we were downtown, I wanted to visit the Manhattan outpost of Despana Foods.  I was familiar with their tiny story in Queens, but in the city, not only do they sell all their wonderful foods, but they offer a small menu of sandwiches and tapas, along with wine and beer.  We shared two bocadillos and pretended were back in Barcelona for an hour.

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