Thursday, July 19, 2012

In which I have a revelation

There's been a lot of talk on this blog lately about compromise and choosing and picking.  There's also been a lot of griping off-blog about quality of life and not having enough time and not *wanting* to choose.  I was in a really grumpy state - always having to compromise felt like never really having what I want.

Then, something amazing happened.  One morning this week, I opened my eyes around 6am and instead of groaning and rolling over for another hour of (fitful) sleep, I got out of bed.  Then I had a cup of coffee. And then I. Went. To. The. Gym.

I know.  Shocking.

And that night I realized something.  As 6pm rolled around, and I got ready to leave work, instead of feeling the dread of having to choose, I felt liberated.  I could DO ANYTHING.  Last night, I went and spent an hour with a dear friend.  Then I went home and cooked dinner and watched a few of these while I knit.  I know!!!  Those are, like, all the things that I wish I had time for every day!  

This is not news for many people.  I know this because my gym was packed at 6:30am.  But it's news to me!  I'm one week in and so far, it feels like it might stick.

I'm on vacation next week.  We'll be staying in the city, mostly and I have a long list of stuff I'd like to do, which includes

visit the zoo
 happy hour at Small's (no cover!)
 maybe see this, if I'm lucky
oh, and definitely at least one trip here
Anyone have any other suggestions?

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