Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Back

Well, hello there.

I've been absent for a while, I know.

I've also sat down to write this post about a half-dozen times, and haven't been sure where to begin my re-entry.  The first day of Autumn is upon us and this seemed like the best time as any to come back.
I've been at this place before; last year and the year before.  Summer ends, the new (school) year begins and I take stock of what has passed and what is to come.

This year, and especially this summer, was about finding a balance in my life.  With all my talk of saying yes, it seems I swung too far in one direction and had to find my way back to the middle.  So, I dialed it back a little.  I put some things aside, like this blog, in an attempt to find time for other things, like the gym.  Boring, I know, but the truth.

I've also had to find new ways to share my space and my life with a certain someone.  After a few years of "Me, ME, ME!", I am rediscovering compromise and mutuality.  It's new territory, a little frightening, but in the best possible way.

Now that it seems like I have life a little more in the balance, I'm coming back to the blog.  I spent a few hours re-reading old posts and I realized how much I missed this space - as a creative outlet and as a source of inspiration.

So, I'm back.  And I have lots of great ideas and lots to share, but first, I'm going away!!  Off to Spain for 10 days!!!!!  I'm heading to Madrid and Barcelona, so recommendations are welcome.  You guys know what I like.

See you soon.

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