Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oh, hi.  It's me.  Yep.  Looks like I missed my blogiversary.  It was 3 years ago on New Year's Eve that I started this blog.  NYE came and went and I was too busy having fun (ok, actin' like a fool, really) to post.  But between then and now I've hit two other milestones, so were going to celebrate them all at once, ok?

I turned 32 on the 23rd.  And this is my 300th blog post.  Not too shabby.

It was also the 4 month anniversary of my new life in The House with the Blue Room the weekend of my birthday, so I was feeling milestones all around.

These are just a few glimpses of my Blue Room.  I'm finally, really, really settled into my new place.  I'm all unpacked here, with my new macbook and my sewing machine side by side, so there's nothing to hold me back now, really.
Well, there was nothing holding me back, ever.  This is what I've learned this year.  It's not a New Year's resolution, per say, but a new philosophy.  I'm just saying, "Yes."  Kind of cliche, kind of like Jim Carrey, I know, but, I've found,  it's a good attitude to have.

I've done things this year, that I've never thought I could do.  I ran a (3) 5K race(s).  I started the HRB.  I moved into a new apartment.  I sang karaoke.  I painted a room blue. I bought a hacksaw.  I stayed out until 5am.  I volunteered.  I voted.  I ate sweetbreads.  I sold something online.  I made my own birthday dinner.  I made new friends.

Just say yes, people.  Too much time is wasted worrying if you're gonna like something, or if you're going to look silly.  I still have a lot to overcome, but every time I hesitate, a little voice* yells at me, "Just say yes!!" 

Happy 2009 everyone!

*His name is Kevin, everyone should have one. ;-)


CityMinx said...

Mmm, sweetbreads. Do you mean when we went to Elettaria? Now that was a fateful evening, all around. I'm glad you were there! Well, that sounds weird, but you know what I mean...
btw, can you show me how to take pictures like you do? Yours come out so much better than mine!

margaret in manhattan said...

happy all 'versaries to you!

margaret in manhattan said...

trying to reply to your comment on my blog but it keeps bouncing - e-mail me with your correct address pls to margaretvelardATgmailDOTcom

gleek said...

happy belated birthday!