Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Wants and Desires

In my last post I discussed my philosophy for decorating a new apartment.  I explained how 6 months is an adequate waiting period to decide whether you love something or hate it, where to hang art or place a book shelf.  Well, I hit the 6 month period last month and I decided it was time to paint!

Originally my living room was this color:

Benjamin Moore's Poolside Blue.  I chose to make a bold color choice and, well, I chose poorly.  So, it was time to repaint.  

I really love me some teal/aqua; it brings me to my happy place.  Following that logic, I simply moved two steps down on the color watch.  I still wanted the room to feel like it had a distinct color profile, but I wanted it to be much more subtle.  What I decided on was this:

Benjamin Moore's Jamaican Aqua.  Let me tell you, it is the most amazing color in the world!!!  It made the room feel instantly bigger and it makes all of my dark/vintage furniture seem sophisticated, instead of kitsch-y.  It also allows the curtains that I adore to really shine and doesn't compete so much with my area rug.  (Before and after pictures to come soon; I'm still sorting out this no camera problem.)

Now that the room is painted, I'm feeling the itch to add the finishing touches.  I need side tables and lamps, mostly.  Here's what I'm lusting after.
A classic/modern side table in white to keep things airy and light.  They were on sale last week and I'm kicking myself for not buying one!

From Jonathan Adler (I have a Thing for JA), this lamp costs as much as the table (!), but would nicely compliment the oil-rubbed bronze curtain rod I recently hung.

I want the room to feel balanced, but not match-y, so I'd like this table for the other side of the couch.  You also can't really see that side from most vantage points (it's in the corner) so the table can be more utilitarian.

This lamp to go in the corner, to balance out the room.  It's also bronze, but a different shape, so it "goes", but doesn't "match".

P.S.  I'm hoping that I can find some less expensive sources for lamps.  Why are lamps so expensive?

P.P.S  You guys were no help on the alarm clock tip!  Sheesh!  I've resorted to using my phone, which I don't really like.  I have a strict no electronics in the bedroom rule.  Am I the only one with a rule like that?

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