Thursday, September 02, 2010

Wish List

It's official, ya'll. The Works is packing up to move, yet again.

Well, it's not official, in a having-a-signed-lease-in-my-hand kind of way, but it's official in that I've made all the necessary decisions and notified all relevant parties.

No, I don't have a lease, but that hasn't stopped me from starting to daydream about my new space, no matter what it may be.

I need to have all of the following items. Need. Really.

Removable wallpaper? It's vinyl - perfect for a blah rental bathroom!

Cork lamp? Lights up the room and ideal for reminder lists! (Buy milk! Call mom!)

Acrylic coffee table? Makes a small space feel light and airy!

Charley Harper wall mural? 30" x 30" print on canvas. Because I love Charley Harper.

1 comment:

shana said...

you are an enabler. that temporary wallpaper? genius!