Monday, March 28, 2011

In which I have a dilemma

I have an ideology when it comes to settling into a new place.  It's not exactly revolutionary, but it's my theory, nonetheless, and in the last week, it's been relatively hard-won.  

There are some things that you have to do in a new apartment right away - arrange the furniture, clean the bathroom, organize the kitchen - so that you feel at home.  It is then that you realize that there are a lot of items (those old Pottery Barn side tables, that desk chair you found on the street) that don't really fit into your new place.  You make do the best you can because, hey, moving is expensive, and while you may want to replace that chair or buy new side tables, you can really afford it right away.  Also, decisions like that may take kindly to a little contemplation.

Then there are some decisions you make after living with the space for a little  while.  Six months is a good amount of time to figure out where to put your favorite photos or if you need a garbage can that goes under the sink.

When I moved into my new place I felt a compulsion to do Everything right away.  I had to have the walls painted and pictures hung immediately.  After hitting the 6 month mark this month, I realized that there were some decisions that I may have rushed and some that I'm  finally ready to pull the trigger on.  I'll have more of that later.

For now, I have this:  My Alarm Clock Dilemma

This is my old alarm clock.  It's perfectly nice.  It has a radio and a digital display.  It has an (indulgent) 10 minute snooze button.  It also has an unsightly cord and a very large footprint that is taking up valuable real estate on my bedside table.

This is my new alarm clock.  It's the perfect size and the right color.  (See, it picks up these little orange accents on my new duvet cover!)  What it does not have is a snooze button or a light up digital display.  For some reason, someone wants to be able to see what time it is from the other side of the bed.  Sheesh!  And, well, I do love my snooze button.

I'm considering returning it, but I'm not sure.  Something so simple as an alarm clock shouldn't be this troubling, but I have quite a few requirements when it comes to The Perfect Clock.  I really would rather not settle for the beast that was taking up so much room before.

Can anyone recommend a relatively cheap, small, digital alarm clock that is also cute?  Please?



Sabrina said...

I too have an alarm clock dilemma. It's a big ugly cube and I don't like the alarm tones. However it has a mightly big snooze button. Sooooooo I'm thinking the best solution for me is to start using my iPhone. Seems to work for Top Cop (although he still uses my alarm clock as a stop-gap annoying!)

Maybe that'll work for you too (and you can still keep the little orange clock since its so cute)

--Super S

Sarah said...

What, your someone doesn't keep a phone that can tell time on the nightstand?

Keep the orange clock. It's perfect and I like to think of you with the perfect clock because mine is even uglier and more cumbersome than your old one.

Also, I'm really liking your glass lamp. Where did it come from?

Jess said...

I love the little orange one! But if the snooze button is necessary then I think that another clock would be best.

Rebecca said...

Sarah, the lamps came from Bed, Bath and Beyond, of all places. Hooray for those 20% off coupons that never expire!

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