Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Look What I Did!

I've had a bee in my bonnet about terrariums for some time now.  I even had a page bookmarked on my work computer and my boss was all, like, "What's with the terrariums?"  
I was all, like, "I just love them!"

I saw this little guy at one of my weekly visits to my secret, undisclosed thrift store.  He was so cute, but I honestly didn't need him, so I put him back and left empty-handed.  Then I saw this post and I thought, "Terrarium!" and I went back to the store after work and he was still there!  I was so excited!

Last weekend I set about getting everything I needed from the local Sunnyside florist and pet store and Home Depot.  Not in the picture is some moss (from the florist) and active charcoal (from the pet store).  I also painted the base of the cheese plate white.

I followed this tutorial kind of loosely because I had a really small container, but I'd seen shallow terrariums before, so I just went for it.  Of course it was adorable, but when I put the lid on, it totally squished my cute little plant.  Terrarium fail!

Surely I must have something else to put my plant in.  Some other container.   Yup.  Straight out of my Prop Closet (which I'll share with you someday).  Isn't it awesome?  I'm a little disturbed by the big pieces of perlite in the potting soil the plant came with.  I may change it later.

As for my little cheese plate, he got the moss treatment, which I actually kind of like.  I'm looking for some little toadstools on Esty to spruce him up a bit.

Not bad for my first attempt, but now I think I'm addicted.  Have you ever made a terrarium?  Was is a win or a fail?

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Kelci said...

I went on a terrarium kick several years ago, followed by some dish gardens. They all eventually failed but I loved them while they lasted. I also did a bottle garden which was seriously a pain to set up. Of course I decided to use a fat bottomed bottle with a narrow opening so there was no way it was going to be easy.