Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mermaids and tomatoes

Oh yessiree, I checked something off my list! I attended the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island on Saturday with a very dear (and long time) friend and it did not disappoint.

We saw mermaids and jellyfish and sharks and whales and pirates. I think the pirates were my favorite. I think if I were to be in the parade I would be a mermaid-pirate hybrid. They were the best.

Also, did you know that some of the best tacos in NYC are in Coney Island? I'm not kidding! If, no, when, you go, visit Plaza Mexico Dona Zita. My friend is from Texas (where they tacos very seriously,don't you know) and she says these are some of the best she ever had. I have to agree. There is no photographic evidence because I couldn't stop to take a picture. They were too good. Trust me.

I'm growing tomatoes again this year. This time around I have three plants. They are doing amazingly well after a slow start. My own private Tomato Whisperer mixed up some potting soil and lovingly transplanted them from the sad planter I originally had them in.

Making your own potting soil, apparently, is a lot cheaper and better than buying those pre-mixed bags. Here's what you need:

Equal parts peat moss, perlite and vermiculite.
That's it.

For the tomatoes we added lime to help balance the pH in the soil. About 1 cup per plant/big container.

(All of this can found at Home Depot or other garden/hardware stores.)

Or if you're lucky enough to have your very own Tomato Whisperer, then he does it all for you. We all can't be that lucky.

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