Friday, June 18, 2010

Come on, come on and dance all night Just bide the heat, it'll be all right

In the spirit of my friend Little Bunny (aka, Jess.) I'm making a list for the summer. I've gone through phases of making lists. I'm currently list-less (not listless) though I have attempted to keep one on my phone. Not as satisfying, though, as a nice piece of lined paper where you can cross items off with a Sharpie!

Without further ado, my list for the summer:

Mermaid Parade (hello Mr. Lou Reed!)
(Finally) visit City Island
P.S. 1's Summer Warm Up series
The Bronx Zoo
Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor's Island
Shakespeare in the Park (starring Al Pacino!!)
more bike rides (see above picture)
Luke's lobster rolls at Hester Street Market
watch as many World Cup games as possible
finish my quilt!
4th of July on Governor's Island (featuring She & Him)

(If anyone cares to join me for one or all of these, drop me a note!)

1 comment:

Jess said...

count me in for Luke's lobster rolls, the zoo, and world cup games!