Monday, June 28, 2010

Philadelphia Freedom!

This weekend I found myself outside the city limits. Of NYC, that is.

I was visiting my family in NJ and I did what I rarely do on one of these visits - I left my parents' couch!

A few choice road trip partners and I hit I-95 and made our way to Philly, which is really only 45 minutes away.

Our #1 destination was not Pat's or Gino's, but the Village Whiskey. I first read about it here, then, also, here, so I had to see for myself!

It did deliver, friends. I was not disappointed. I had local oysters from Cape May, NJ, and french fries fried in duck fat and smothered with braised short ribs and cheddar sauce. They fanciest Disco Fries I ever did eat!

We walked around a bit and then saw the Cleopatra exhibit at the Frankin Institute. It was quite amazing.

Did you know that the city of Alexandria was destroyed by a series of natural disasters?
Did you know that the Roman Emperor Octavius destroyed all images of Cleopatra after her death so no one really knows what she looks like?
Did you know that no one knows where Cleopatra and Mark Antony are buried?

This exhibit shows the archaeological discovery of the ancient city of Alexandria and the possible tomb of Cleopatra and Mark Antony. Fascinating stuff people.

And only a train ride away!

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great to hear from you again