Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I have been very busy, trying to bring to life all the ideas that have been swimming around in my brain.

These are the latest.

Some Moleskine notebooks (which I love on their own) that I have embellished with fabric that I love. I've had bits of fabric that just weren't big enough for any real patchwork project, so here they are. In notebook form.

I find it continuously difficult to take pictures in my new(ish) apartment. Though we get lots of light, it's never in the place that I want it to be! Someday I'll have professional photos. Or equipment!

All the items you see are now available in my shop.

The 80 acid-free pages inside (the last 16 are detachable) are ruled, soft white paper, and the back cover features the traditional Moleskine pocket to collect scraps and notes.

The perfect thing for jotting down lists, notes, ideas, poetry - anything your heart desires!!!

Inspired by this and this!

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CityMinx said...

Those are beautiful!!