Saturday, March 01, 2008

Whoa baby! This is a linen and alpaca mix from Punta del Este Yarns. Also known as my own personal knitting hell. I thought that 100% cotton was bad, but, mama, this is worse.

The end result is interesting, textural. A little 70's granola for my taste. The knitting of it was pure torture. I did my swatch on a size 5, but I think I could have been knitting on 3's. And getting 4.5 stitches to the inch.

If Patty and I hadn't agreed that this baby needed to be a pattern of the month for The Point, I probably would have never picked it up. It's good to be able to experiment with yarns and not feel the guilt of paying for something you dislike out of your own pocket.

If you like linen and your like knitting for the home, then this is for you. Me, I'd rather wear my knitting, thank you.

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Macoco said...

It looks beautiful from the picture! Although I don't know if I could knit with something worse than cotton (gasp)!