Monday, August 07, 2006

true story

tulip swatch
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So let me tell you. I am a crazy loose knitter. I can never get the correct gauge with the recommended needle. Never. Usually I have to use a needle at least two sizes smaller.

Now, this is a close up of my tulip tank. It's knit from Katia Jamaica. The pattern I'm using recommends using a size 7 needle. I started with a 5. On the right part of the picture is my tension, knitting in the round, on the fives.

The middle part, the white part, is where I had totart knitting back and forth and I switched to a size 3. It's still all wonky and loose knitting.

The part on the left is where I switched to Addi Turbo ZEROS! Zero. It looks a little tight, but it's cotton and I know it'll stretch over time. They were just the next smallest needles I had. I could have maybe used size ones, but they're in my Jaywalker socks and I didn't want to take them out. Hmph.

So this is why I can't handle knitting with cotton any more.


gleek said...

yikes! those are some major gauge issues! is it 100% cotton? sometimes cotton blends are much more forgiving :)

Jessica said...

I hate it when that happens. You're not alone, though--my gauge is always super weird when I have to knit back and forth. I've been trying different ways of purling in hopes of eliminating some of the problem!

Macoco said...

Size Zero? That does not sound fun. :(