Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Ah, yes. I started this little number back in December, when I found out that two dear friends of mine had their first baby. They are the first people I know to have offspring! Yay!

I knit this with Mission Falls 1824 Wool. I used size 8 needles and improvised the pattern from the top down.
I did run into some problems. I made some grave miscalculations and the jacket came out huge. At The Point on Saturday everyone was laughing at me, saying that maybe little Nathan will wear the sweater in 5 years!
Also, I ran into my typical "back and forth" vs. "in the round" gauge problems. The body was knit back and forth on size 8 needles. The sleeves were knit in the round on size 10.5's. It took forever to finish this sweater because I kept going back and forth with needle size for the sleeves, buying needles, knitting and ripping out and generally pulling my hair in frustration.
It is, in the end, complete with mere days to spare.*

FYI, I washed and dried this according to the label's directions. I must say it came out looking kind of folded. It was definitely fuzzy is spaces and it did (fortunately) shrink, though I did not do a before and after measurement.

*I say "mere days to spare" because this ensemble will be traveling with myself and Master P to Paris where I will hand-deliver it to Nathan!! We leave in exactly one week, and will be staying exactly one week! More later!!


gleek said...

oooh, a trip to paris! how exciting!

Macoco said...

What an adorable present. I can't wait to hear about Paris!