Monday, October 29, 2007

I finished work early today and squandered all picture-taking daylight hours watching "Home at the End of the World" and not knitting. Just sitting, as if in a trance.

(What a waste! Did anyone else find Colin Farrell's character more than a little creepy? I kept expecting him to make out with Sissy Spacek.)

So now we have this: A slightly blurry picture of myself with the jacket in progress. They jacket that, faithful readers of my blog will notice, is featured no where on my To Do List.

The jury is still out on the sleeve. I've already ripped it out once because it was too wide and made my arm look like some kind of black French sausage. Should I do some decreases or should it be wide like so many jackets we're seeing this season? The good news I can probably knit this all tonight (while watching Chuck, Heroes and The Journeyman) and made a decision.


CityMinx said...

i kinda like the sleeve short like that....

btw, loved the subway photo you posted. really....evocative

Veronique said...

I think you should knit the sleeve as is, really wide, and then cinch it in with a bunch a decreases. Then it will be poofy! I'm really into poofy sleeves right now.
My favorite thing about the L train is how they tell you exactly how long you have to wait :)

Sarah / Blue Garter said...

To piggyback on V's suggestion, I'm really happy with the blousey sleeves on my Rorschach Jacket. I worked 'em nice and wide past the elbow, then decreased all in one row to nearly half the number of sts and worked a 4" snug cuff.