Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Here is is, the last of my custom designs for The Point, for a while. I need a little break and some quality time with my To Do List.

This is November's featured pattern with the yarn of the month, Soho Bulky Tweed from Tahki Yarns.

I really want everyone to know what a fun knit this was. I love this pattern for it's knitterly qualities. There are no pieces to sew together. You simply knit a rectangle for the back, cast on stitches along one short side for one arm hole, pick up stitches along the bottom edge, and cast on more stitches for the other arm hole. And there you are - you just knit round and around until the fronts/collar are the desired length! I seriously finished this in two days.

And the Soho Bulky Tweed is delightful. It seems boring and scratchy in the skein, but when you knit it, it's springy and forgiving. It softens considerably when worked up and is seriously warm. A good pairing of yarn and project, I think.

(And thanks for the advice with my Big Wool Jacket. I'll have the results for you in a couple of days!)


Veronique said...

Cute! The rounded edges are such a nice touch :)

Macoco said...

I do like that design, especially the collar on it - and of course, no seams. ;)

Karen said...

Do you sell your patterns privately? I'd love to purchase at least 2 of them!

Rebecca said...

Oh wow, thanks Karen!
There are many sweaters that I make that I just do as I go a long, but the others are for sale throught the store where I work.
Or e-mail me at and I'll give you the info you need!