Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Thank you so much for all of your kind words regarding the Urban Naturalist's Ladies' Jacket! But there is knitting news on the horizon. Oh dear, that's right. There's been another update to my To Do List. Alas, (that's right, Ms. Blue Garter) the Owl Cardi is top on the list, but not the latest project to be completed.

Recently, Master P's cousin became a Proud Papa. What was the first thing I did? Cast on for a little cardigan, inspired by these awesome robot buttons.

I cast on during our vacation in Miami and finished the next week. I used the Barbara Walker Top-Down Method and 3 skeins of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Baby. I simply adored knitting with this yarn. I will use it for all baby projects in the future. Seriously. It's the perfect gauge for little garments and it has the perfect combination of softness and stitch definition. And I, The World's Wonkiest Knitter, was able to get the correct gauge with the recommended needle. I am in love!

Soon this sweater will be off to little Harry and I will tackle the Owl Cardi, which involves intarsia, which you may recall I do not enjoy. But I know I will enjoy wearing the Owl Cardi once it's complete. Wish me luck!


Macoco said...

What a sweet sweater - and those buttons look so interesting. What's on them?

Sarah said...

Where, oh where, did you find robot buttons? That they exist at all is probably the best thing I've heard all week. It's a good thing my husband doesn't live near little Harry - the kid might get mugged for his awesome tiny cardigan!

I will be patient about the owl cardi. I rather dread intarsia myself.