Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hm. One of the (many, many) perks of working at a yarn shop is that sometimes, they pay you in yarn!! I'm so excited, but mostly overwhelmed, by all my new yarn. I'm no where near finishing all of the projects that I had in mind for this fall/winter and now I have two more in my queue.

My worry is that I may lose interest before I have time to knit everything! Does any one else waking up, in a cold sweat, in the middle of the night, gripped by this fear? Am I the only one?

This is some Araucania's Nature Wool. It's definitely woolly, but I love it. My very first major knitted project was a massive cabled poncho out of the chunky version of Nature Wool. It's super warm and I just fell in love with the hand-dyed subtle coloring. This is equally lovely and is destined to become a stockinette, deep, deep v-neck sweater. Something to show off the coloring of the yarn.

And, well, Big Wool from Rowan. Does it get any more fun? This is going to be a J.Crew-inspired jacket. This might be the first thing that I cast on for after I clear up some stuff that's already on my To Do List. Ya gotta love that chunky knit instant gratification!

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Veronique said...

Oh, that turquoise blue is lovely!
I also worry about not being able to knit all my Fall knits in time to actually wear them during the Fall...