Monday, October 01, 2007

OK, so it is not a cardigan with an owl on it. Though I did finally put the Owl Cardi back on the needles and knit two rows, just to get my chart reading back on track. It remains untouched.

With another exclusive Pattern of the Month for The Point under my belt, I decided that I was entitled to cast on for a new project. That means I only have three Works in Progress on the needles right now. Not bad.

This is Anna from Rowan Studio One. I'm using Alize Angora Special (I can't find any info for it online, but you can view details on my ravelry page), which is this crazy yarn that is about 600 yards per skein. I only had to buy two! This is a nice mindless knit to entertain me when the intarsia chart from the Owl Cardi proves too much. I forgot how nice it is to knit from a pattern and have all of the thinking done for you!

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