Sunday, June 10, 2007

My New York age is 24

This New York age puts you-generally speaking-into the young category. That's what you were hoping for, right? Run and tell your friends. Then get drunk (as usual). Then sleep it off. Then pop an Adderall. Then come back and consider experimenting with a more mature type of New York life (just once in a while). Have you ever been to the Village Vanguard or the Living Theatre? Eaten at Elaine's? Taken a date to Michael Feinstein? Before you laugh, check 'em out and see what old-school NYC experiences you can add to the new.

Does your age reflect how you're living? Let us know.

What's your New York age? Take the Time Out New York quiz and find out!

i am quite shocked by how hip TONY thinks I am. Who knew?


gleek said...

:) mine was 25. i was quite surprised.

margaret said...

and, um, mine was 39 - no one was more surprised than I!

Mom said...

Wow - I was 34 - I guess I should move!!