Sunday, May 27, 2007

I am talking to you from the amazing world of high speed internet connection! Yesterday, Time Warner visited The Works and installed Digital Cable with DVR and a cable modem! Hooray!

When we moved into The Works, almost two years ago, it was a real outpost of civilization. A solitary building where hipsters and squatters and families with dogs lived in harmony with the pickle factories and workshops where they produce Chinese Food Restaurants. We had a ton of space and privacy, but not much else. We had to install a satellite, so I could watch HBO and internet, well, we were dialing up.

Now, two years have passed and the bodega on the corner now sells organic potato chips and micro brewed beer and Danny's Pizza opened up a cafe that has free WiFi. Yep, the neighborhood is really turning around. The gentrification is spreading slowly east-ward from the Hipster Mecca of Williamsburg and we're reaping the benefits. I'm looking forward to reading a lot more blogs and maybe downloading some Pod Casts and watching videos on You Tube. Woo HOO!

And the picture above? Just a distraction. I've been knitting a couple of big, stockinette, solid color cardigans and I wanted something that would make me happy and keep me busy. It's a Feather and Fan lace pattern and I'm knitting with two odd colorways of Noro Kuryeon at a time, striping them and carrying them up the side.

Ta for now! I'm off to brunch.

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