Thursday, September 28, 2006

What a bust.

I was so excited to spend last night watching really fun Fall TV. But what did I find when I came home? My TIVO had recorded re-runs of Project Runway instead of ANTM and Survivorman instead of Lost! I nearly cried.

And speaking of crying, I almost lost it at the end of Project Runway when it was only Michael and Jeffery left. I was really going to cry if Michael got elimintated. Thank goodness he didn't!

I'm having some issues with right now, so I won't be posting much. Not that I have been in the last month anyway.

In the meantime, check out where I'm moonlighting and s'occupez-vous!


gleek said...

it's ok! lost doesn't start till next wednesday. last night's episode was a recap.

great PR last night! i'm so happy it's the four of them!

Jessica said...

I am embarrassed to admit how much time I just spent playing with the Jackson Pollock thing. That is so cool! I even sent it to my mom and husband.
As for ANTM, do you want to know who they kicked off? I usually don't watch, but somehow, last night, I did. And I was about to pee my pants at the end of PR too! So glad it turned out how it did!

margaret in manhattan said...

Hey there! I have just entered the blog world (yeah, very very late in life, I know - but for me, almost everything is - it's a condition called "superannuated"! :-)

anyway, your blog looks beautiful, and I think the other thing you might like to TIVO is Ugly Betty on ABC - unless you're neither a Grey's Anatomy or a Salma Hayek fan

see you one day soon,
m in m