Saturday, September 02, 2006

slouching towards fall

alpaca beret
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I just could not take knitting on Not Bad Penny for one more minute, so I took one night off to make this beret.

(Sorry for the really bad quality photo. This is what happens when you try to take picture during a rainy afternoon.)

Made from: Misti Alpaca super chunky, double stranded

Knit on: size 10 and 15 addi turbo circular needles

Time to knit: one viewing of Angel, season one, disk three, one Deadwood season finale

You can find the pattern here. This is just the right kind of quick fix knit when you're longing for fall. Sigh.


lisa said...

Alpaca berets are the pattern du jour, apparently - Veronique just made one too! Well, the rain has passed and now we have a sunny day to enjoy.

Macoco said...

That hat looks so cozy. As much as I like the warm weather - I'm always excited to wear a hat and scarf again!