Wednesday, August 23, 2006

tulip, at last

Tulip FO
Originally uploaded by Needleworks, Inc..

This it Tulip.

Made from: 3 skeins of Katia Jamaica

Knit on: size 5 susan bates silverados, size 3 and size 0 addi turbos

Time to knit: 3 weeks, one heat wave, one nervous breakdown

My thoughts: my excitement in knitting Tulip completely overshadowed the fact that I actually don't like cotton knits. After wearing her once, she's all stretched and mis-shapen. I don't know how much wear she'll actually get. I really struggled with my tension on Tulip (as many of you know), but learned how to knit backwards, thanks to Lisa and Jess, which helpd tremendously. I shall purl no more!


gleek said...

yeah, cotton knits have to be washed and dried every single time because of the stretchiness. i've found that the cotton blends are much more forgiving.

but i just love the style of this top and how the color is so random due to the shaping! so fun! it really does look lovely.

lisa said...

The top looks great from what I can see!! I have the same problem with my cotton knits: I have to wash & dry before every wear, which is incredibly annoying.

Kerry said...

I think it turned out really well! The colors are awesome and I love the v in the front. Great job!

SP8- Stacey said...

The color looks great! And, hey, you learned something new! So not complete lose!

Jessica said...

It looks so good in the photo! I love the colors and the neck shape. Hopefully it will pop back into shape after a wash?