Thursday, August 24, 2006

best. secret pal. ever.

from stacey's garden
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My secret pal, Stacey, is the coolest. She waited until the end of our secret pal exchange to send a package and, oh, what a package she sent!

This amazing person over-nighted a package that contained, not only enough yarn and goodies to make your head spin, but tomatoes from her garden! Over. Night. Tomatoes.

These tomatoes made the perfect late summer dinner. I cooked some pasta and tossed these with marinated mozzarella, kalamata olives and grated parmesan. Simple and heavenly.

(I will be posting the rest of the loot later. I didn't have enought daylight to take worthy pictures. I actually ran out of daylight. Can you believe that?)

Note: When did this become a food blog? I added basil to the pasta and it was amazing. I used a cup and a half of marinated bocconcini, along with the marinating oil and a half cup of olives, coarsely chopped. The olives added salt and the mozzarella was lovely and creamy. The basil added a sweet under tone. If I were to do it again I would have chopped the mozzarella as well - it would have melted more. By far, the best meal I've had in ages.


Stacey said...

Yummy! We have had more tomatoes than we can eat this year! I keep giving them away to the neighbors. You should see the softball size yellow tomatoes I have grown this year! I wanted to share those also, but I was worried they would squish and ruin the rest of your goodies! And I love that I married a FedEx guy!

Kerry said...

Absolutely amazing! That has got to be the most wonderful gift I've seen yet!

gleek said...

mmmmmm, i love fresh garden tomatoes!

Macoco said...

Tomoatoes??? That is amazing! So lucky.