Monday, August 21, 2006

knitting, but not much else

bad penny watching tv
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Meet Bad Penny.

Bad Penny and I have a really great relationship. She knits along easily while allowing me to watch as much television or as many DVDs as I like. When you're knit in stockinette, entirely in round it makes for pretty smooth sailing.

Again my Fairy Yarn Father has given my an amzing gift. This is Italian cashmere. It's three strands of different colors plied together - two shades of pink and one creamy white.

I'm making some some modifications to Bad Penny. I'm not using a contrast color for the neck, arms and waistband. I'll probably do a little less ribbing and make the arms a 3/4 length, becuase cap sleeves are not so flattering on me.

OK, now I have more movies to watch (and more knitting to do)!


MUD said...

I bet at least half the time you spend with Bad Penny is spent with her growing body pressed against your soft...mmm

gleek said...

aahhh, i love a good stockinette in the round project. so relaxing!

SP8-Stacey said...

Mindless stockinette- it has a place in everyone's life! Cap sleeves, in my mind, are for a select few! BTW- I saw into your future. You will be getting some really great stuff from the Fedex person this week!

Jessica said...

Your Fairy Yarn Father rocks! Pretty color, and cashmere too! Good decision on the cap sleeves, they make my arms look weird too.

john said...

Well you got the fairy part right.