Friday, June 23, 2006

hog wild

too hot + postcard
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It is hot as You Know What here in NYC. I mean, really, really, ridiculously, unbearably, sit-on-your-couch-in-your-underwear hot.

This postcard came from my Secret Pal, Stacey, who is the cutest secret pal ever. It's from her hometown, Kewanee, IL, which, apparently, is The Hog Capital of the World. I think that's awesome. I love me some hogs.

I'm not doing much crafting this week. Last night Master P and I played hookey (he from work, myself from crafting) and had a really lovely dinner. We hardly ever see each other awake during the week, so I didn't feel guilty about skipping out on my crafting duties.

I'm going to see some very dear friends tonight for drinks, so I'm not expecting to get much work done until the weekend. I guess having an actual life, doesn't allow time for other hobbies. Hm?


SP8- Stacey said...

Enjoy drinks with your friends! I am also going out for drinks with a friend tonight! Have some yummy Hog sometime this weekend!

Jessica said...

Maybe the rain will cool it off, so you can put on some clothes? B/c you're right, it really is too hot for anything but underwear.