Wednesday, June 28, 2006

the pointy kitty, she has arrived!

pointy kitty 2
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"I am lovely to behold, no?"

The Pointy Kitty doesn't have a name yet, but she's happily tucked away with my cupcake and my Purple Blobby on my craft table.

All in all, she was a pretty quick project. I finished her in just a couple hours. I don't know if I'll ever finish her brother - I have such a hard time with this kind of small scale sewing. She has a bunch of sloppy seams (one of which is being hidden by her big bow) and I totally cheated and used a hot glue gun to attach her nose and eyes. I'll probably go over the stripes with a blanket stitch and add some whiskers, too.

"Au revoir, mes petits! Ta ta!"


SP8- Stacey said...

I always figure if I can glue it and no body can tell the difference, who cares! CUTE!

Jessica said...

OMG, is that cute!