Thursday, June 22, 2006

weird items that i find in my building - part 5

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One of my neighbors seems to be remodeling or moving or something, because they keep putting stuff out in the hallway. I can't even keep up with it! You wouln't believe all the stuff that's out there even if I showed you.

(And I secretly suspect that the grill was theirs.)

Anyway, I scored this old fan. I really love the way it looks and it will match the other things that myself and Master P have been picking up over the years (we're notorious garbage pickers, we are). If you revisit this post, you can see the outlines of a vintage vacuum cleaner and a typewriter. And they're sitting on a dresser that we dragged off the curb and refinished!

The other day I actually pulled a wardrobe off the curb into the store because I wanted it and then decided I wouldn't be able to get it to Brooklyn without a tremendous headache. Back on the curb it went! Some lucky so-and-so is gonna get it.


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