Monday, May 08, 2006

tyra banks here i come!

claudia's sweater
Originally uploaded by Needleworks, Inc..
You know, there are some people who you meet in life who just make you fabulous by sheer force of will. If they keep telling you over and over that you're smart or creative or talented (or fabulous) then you eventually believe it. John B is one of those people.

When we get together we talk shop. In a good way. We talk about what we can do to up our creative game, how to promote yourself, how to not compromise the things you believe in to be successful, and how to be fabulous.

Now I wouldn't go climbing on loading docks in industrial Brooklyn for just anybody, but John asked and so I said, "Sure."

You see, he made this amazing sweater out of yarn that was named after him (for pete's sake) and he wanted some pics so he had proof that the sweater existed before he sent it off to the yarn people. He knows I dabbled in photo styling (scroll down to see my images), and we talk at length about making knitting cool and sexy, so we thought it'd be a fun collaboration.

I picked this picture because it shows off the luscious oversized collar and cuffs, and really emphasizes the lovely set in sleeve and cool panel on the front of the sweater. And let's not even get into the amazing colors, ok?

If you'd like to see more fabulous pictures you can go here. Now I have to go practice my signature walk.


Lisa said...

That sweater looks great! I hope I can see it in person sometime! Love the color and the interesting details!

john said...

Aw...sniff sniff. Very nice words, my dear. Those pics turned out great! (go work the catwalk, girl... - go on now!!!) Tyra should be so lucky to have that sweater on AFTER you. Hee hee.