Friday, May 26, 2006

secret pal and co.

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My Secret Pal is so cute! She sent me this handmade postcard from a photo of some amazing yarn. And she totally reads my blog everyday and makes thoughtful comments and mentions it on her postcard! Thank you, Secret Pal (whoever you are....)!

Isn't it amazing that the postcard she sent me matches this bag that I embellished only last night? How did you know that, Secret Pal? How did you know?!

The tote is one of the reusable bags that I received a while back from Master P's dad. I cut out a circle of some of my favorite fabric and did a zig zag stitch around the edge. Then I did a running stitch around the edge to attach it to the bag. Then I did a little embroidery on top of it. Isn't it cute? It's the first time I've ever stitched anything free-hand and I'm kind of proud. Aw, shucks.


gleek said...

aw rebecca.. you're so crafty!! cute idea for the bag.

Stacey- SP8 said...

I am glad you got the postcard! And the embroidery looks great! Don't you just love when you "wing it" and it actually works?!?

Anonymous said...

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