Thursday, April 06, 2006


reusable bags
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She did it to me again.
That girl at the "good" grocery store.
Why do I torture myself?

In the first bag she put the following:
1 loaf of bread
1 box of cereal
1 package of multigrain english muffins

"Not bad," I thought. "Maybe I'll get 3 bags."

In the second bag she put the following:
1 half dozen eggs
1 pint of cottage cheese
3 cans of tuna
1/2 pound of turkey
1 quart of yogurt
1 8 ounze container of hummus
1 jar of salsa
1 package of corn tortillas

Why? Why does anyone think this is right? Why? Why doesn't she realize that this just does not make any sense at all????!!!
And just to add insult to injury, she finished packing the second bag and lifted it up (as if to see how heavy it was) and dropped it with a thud on the conveyor belt. Thud. Second bag, my eye.

Master P's dad sent me this lovely package of reusable hemp bags to help me on my grocery crusade. I didn't use them on this trip, but I have used them. They're much better than plastic grocery bags (since I only get 2 at a time) to carry my lunch to work. Also, I used one today to carry my boots to the shoe repair guy and then, once I had dropped off my boots, they carried home my cute new jeans and the t-shirt from American Apparel that I bought today to wear with my mohair hoodie. (Hopefully some pictures to follow soon.)

Thanks Master P, Sr. Next time I'll use your (reusable) bags.


john said...

Mohair hoodie? You MUST show this beauty off!!!!

gleek said...

you poor thing... what is up with that girl?! she's supposed to even out the heavy things on the bottom of two bags and then put the fragile items on top!

i never bagged groceries for a living and even i know that!

cool reusable bags. i might have to get some of those myself.

Rebecca said...

At last someone who is educated in bagging groceries! I was begining to think I was the only one who knew that rule!