Saturday, March 04, 2006

Must. Post. Something.

I feel like I need to post, but I don't have any pictures or access to my computer, so I'm doing this from work, after hours.

I'm plodding away at my knitting. I have a multitude of projects getting all backed up in my head, but I feel the need to finish the clapotis I'm working on. I'm so close. I just can't knit fast enough.

I've made a decision to be a happier person. This means leaving my current job. I've talked to my boss, who is also my friend, about this and she's brought up a lot of valid points. Like, what do I want to do?

If only I had an answer. Any ideas? Anyone?


john said...

OH MY GOD. When did this all happen???!??!!!

Steph said...


Dianne Bonner said...

Hi, Rebecca,
I never respond to blogs. In fact, this is my first ever. But I had some thoughts about the happiness thing.

After 50 years on this earth, (to me that's a long time,) I have some perspective now that I didn't have before. Happiness doesn't seem to rest in what I do for a living. It's in what I am internally. I've learned in the last couple of years that I can choose happiness. I can choose to love the things I have, rather than long for those I don't. This includes of course, my job, or even lack thereof. For me, it's not so much a mindset, as a heart-set.

I don't know if this is any help at all. Certainly didn't address the question of what job to do.

In fact you are free to ignore this, delete it, whatever. It's your choice, after all.

Love and hugs,

Travis said...

Interpretive dance?

Rebecca said...

Travis! How dare you not make your profile available! If you're reading this, you better change that right now.