Friday, March 10, 2006

I hate posting without pictures. I really hate it. My mom always says not to use the word "hate", but I think sometimes it's appropriate.

It's now one week with no computer. Master P spirited it off to California where he's using it to write The Most Brilliant Screenplay Ever. I'm stuck firing off surreptitious posts from work after hours.

Here's what I have to offer since Master P has been away:

- One finished Clapotis in Noro Aurora. Colorway #4. Photo to follow.

- Front of Mohair Hoodie in Jaeger Mohair Art. Chocolate Brown. (I bought a bag of this before they discontinued the yarn. It's been my albatross for a year.)

- My opinion on the short-lived series Firefly by the brilliant Joss Whedon, which I watched in one sitting while knitting the front on my mohair hoodie. I'm late to the party on this one, my friends. Everyone else has already seen it, I know. I really enjoyed it, but thought it fell a little flat in some ways. (Like the weird way everyone curses in Weird Futuristic Chinese.) It all seems a little forced. The production value is a little shoddy. Don't get me wrong. I love it. I love Joss. But I guess I compare it to Buffy, to which there is no comparison. Make sense much? Geez.

- My opinion on Top Chef on Bravo. What a load of crap!

- My opinion on The Machinist. What a crappy ending! Did anyone else feel this way? Like some horrible M. Night Shyamalan rip off. Blech.

- My big plans for this weekend: baking, cooking, hanging pictures, not sitting on the couch for 14 hours watching Firefly.

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