Monday, February 27, 2006

also ran

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The Knitting Olympics sweater was finished last night. I wove in the last stray piece of yarn at around 10pm or so. So I came in just under the wire.

There was a lot against me on this race. I had re-knit one entire sleeve. And the nonsense about not reading the directions properly. Remember that? And the pattern, when followed correctly made the arm holes way too small, so I had to knit some more on the front and back, just when I thought I was done.

Ultimately, I didn't follow the pattern all that much. I would say about 80%. The neck I just did on my own (picking up more stitches than recommended and knitting the whole thing in the round).

The sweater is finished, and it looks very nice (good shaping and seaming, etc.), but I don't know if I'll ever wear it in public. I swear my gauge was spot on, but it seems much bigger than I expected. It's comfy and oversized and might get some wear, but probably not. I love it because it's my first sweater and I finished it and I proved to myself that I could do it.

So how does this reflect on me as an Olympian? Am I a Bode Miller, who never finished a race? Am I a Sasha Cohen who skated beautifully, but made some fatal mistakes? I'd like to think that I'm kind of like Jeret Peterson, who did an amazing job, but left Torino with 5th place.

Though my goal for the Knitting Olympics may not have been as ambitious as "The Hurricane", I executed it well, but it somehow fell flat. It does, however encourage me to set new goals and work even harder on the next sweater. Now how's that for Olympic Spirit?

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