Friday, October 26, 2012

Just Can't Help It - Part 2

Two very dear friends are getting hitched this weekend and I am over the moon!  I thought I would do another fake wedding post in their honor.  
And don't you know, while I was looking at my old posts to find the last one, it was almost exactly a year ago?  Seems fitting, no?

I found this stunner while I was trolling etsy for vintage dresses.  There seems to be a trend developing.

Some say it's taboo for anyone but the bride to wear white, but I love the idea of a monochromatic wedding party.  These bridesmaids' dresses would compliment the bride in color and shape.

And the they all could wear these shoes!

The bride would carry this bouquet, to compliment the pop of color from her sash.

And wouldn't it all look just dreamy under this tree?  

Ah!  I can't wait until tomorrow!  As we all know, I'm a big fan of weddings and this one is for two of my favorite people!  Congratulations, Jess and Carmen!

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