Thursday, October 20, 2011

Just Can't Help It

There's something in the water.  I've been to two weddings this year and I have two more slated soon.  When it comes to weddings, I'm a lot like Shelly on Northern Exposure - I'm a big fan.  

I don't know if it's my stylist blood, but I love it all - the dresses, the flowers, the venues, the food!  It's planning the ultimate party and you get to pick every last detail!

I was browsing vintage dresses on etsy yesterday and I stumbled upon this dress.  I swear to god my jaw dropped open.  

 And I would almost buy it, if doing so wouldn't make me a crazy person, but it would, so instead I did the next best thing.  I planned a fake wedding.  
(No, that does not make me a crazy person, thankyouverymuch.)

Then, of course you'd have to have these shoes.

Bridesmaids' dresses would echo the shape of the dress and compliment the colors.

And you would carry these flowers.  I love the touch of green.

And the venue would be slightly swanky, but relaxed.  I always loved the idea of big long tables, like one great big Sunday dinner!

*Sigh*  Love is in the air!  I'm so happy for all my friends and loved ones who are celebrating their nuptials!  Congrats!

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Ellen Warfield said...

I had a Northern Exposure fan club in 5th grade. Your blog is totally bitchin'