Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Have you seen this?

EF - Live The Language - Paris from Albin Holmqvist on Vimeo.

I saw this video over at Black Eiffel and it made my heart ache a little.  The semester I spent in Paris when I was 21 did much to shape my life and who I am as an adult.  Also, the friends I made are my friends for life - I still talk to them and see them as much as possible.  (Though not as often as I'd like.)

I miss you girls!  And I miss Paris.  Constantly.


Molly said...

So awesome... how I wish we had blogs and Flips during our time. My diary is great, but how I'd love to visually relive the adventure!

Kelci said...

Great video! I, too, miss Paris. Constantly.

Ellen Warfield said...

that is amazing. I will be in France (1.5hrs from Paris) for all of June....come visit! 20euros a night for guests!

Jess said...

That video is amazing!